PTCL Duplicate Bill 2021, DBill EVO2021, and Print Duplicate Bill Online



PTCL stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, which is the sole and largest internet and landline telephone connection provider in Pakistan. The PTCL Duplicate bill 2021 is a new service for its users. Besides the company holds most internet and telephone users throughout the country. Renowned places include offices, homes, schools, hospitals, airports, Govt. bodies, small, medium, and large business units. Moreover, people love to use PTCL Connection due to strong and reliable signal.

The PTCL packages and subscriptions are based monthly like other utility bills. Due to this per month system, every user has to pay bills 2021 at a due date of every month, which is also mentioned by PTCL on PTCL bills 2021.

Furthermore, for some reason, you may not receive the Ptcl bill in time or lost your Ptcl bill and therefore face a financial penalty in the shape of late fee. That’s why we are going to introduce you to the PTCL online bill 2021check system that will save your time and late fee charges.

Undoubtedly, it’s very common and easy to check PTCL internet bills 2021 & phone bill online. Furthermore, it’s free of cost, convenient, and fast. You only need to enter your Ptcl landline number (without area code) and your unique account id to get a PTCL duplicate bill instantly.

Currently, PTCL is providing the facility to get the duplicate PTCL bill, internet bill also known as broadband bills online. This Duplicate PTCL bill is just some clicks away. After generating the online Ptcl bill, you can also print that bill for your record. This printed duplicate bill is also acceptable at any bank for payment.



  • PTCL – Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is the largest & national telecommunication provider in Pakistan with almost 20 million actives users countrywide.
  • Pakistan Telecommunication Authority – PTA, authorized Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited – PTCL, to work all over Pakistan under its guidelines. PTCL is completely lawfully obliged to work under the jurisdiction of PTA.
  • PTCL designs its promotions under the rules and regulations of PTA that are specifically crafted PTCL. Therefore, PTCL can’t give connections without PTA permission.
  • PTCL is a fixed-line connection with many features that depend upon your types of services needed. Either you want to get a connection for home or office. These services will be monthly payable by the PTCL bill 2021.
  • It is a pioneer in the communication services provider in Pakistan. PTCL has a leading communication system with the updated and latest equipment. It is also the founder in television services like broadband and Smart TV connection that is free with a 15mb connection. Normally, it starts from the 10 digit number for new digital PTCL telephones.


PTCL Duplicate Bill 2021

Pakistan Telecommunication Limited Company (PTCL) is the company in Pakistan that provides the biggest network of landline services, Internet, EVO CharJi, and Smart TV, etc. With all these services Ptcl has introduced an online billing system to facilitate its users by getting an online duplicate bill or Ptcl bill check online.

Now, every user is completely able to download the PTCL duplicate Bill 2021 online by searching the terms like Ptcl, DBill landline, DBill EVO, Ptcl duplicate bill, Ptcl online bill, etc. After that, you will be directed to the official PTCL site where you can enter your landline number (without area code) and account id to get the duplicate Ptcl bill online whenever you need it.

But keep in mind that Ptcl bill inquiry 2021 should be made in the due course of Ptcl bill generation. Usually, the Ptcl bill check is generated in the last 10 days of every month. Therefore, check-in the right dates, if you are a new Ptcl user. Old Ptcl users already know the online Ptcl bill status.

If you have an internet connection that you can also get it by clicking the “Get Your Bill Now” button. Furthermore, you can also take a print of the Ptcl duplicate bill 2021 for your record and payment in the bank.

If you don’t know about your account id than you have two methods to get it. One is to get Ptcl account id from the confirmation letter that you have received after installation of the net and secondly you can also get your Ptcl account details by Ptcl live chat option. All you need to tell the Ptcl customer support about the issue and they will provide you your account id.

PTCL Online Services

With a change in technology, now PTCL is also offering many services to its valued customers to meet with their demanding needs and satisfaction. In this way, PTCL has managed well & updated to keep itself alive in this most competitive world. PTCL services include EVO CharJi (Portable Wi-Fi device) that you can use anywhere, Smart TV, fast internet, and access to PTCL duplicate bill 2021 online.

  • Every PTCL user can make PTCL online account easily by just providing basic personal data (mainly from CNIC).
  • An online PTCL Bill inquiry service is already available on the PTCL official website that is
  • Any user can receive an online bill on email with the help of e- payment services.

PTCL Online Bill Payment

Now, PTCL users can pay online bill 2021 payment facilities that are linked with their bank accounts. Simply log in to your online bank account and put your billing details and get the Ptcl monthly bill there. Any Ptcl user can get the duplicate bill, DBill landline, DBill EVO, etc. of his/her related services for example PTCL landline bill, PTCL EVO bill broadband, or smart TV. Therefore, you can also pay the amount from the banking app or online portal without any additional charges.

Live Chat

PTCL offers amazingly best live chat service. You will be replied instantly by their assigned agents from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (Mon to Sat). Maybe you have to wait if there is a load of more users on the PTCL live chat system.

Phone Support

Like live chat, PTCL phone support is also good. You can now call them for your issues. A comprehensive table guide is given below for phone numbers related to your desired services.

New Service/Purchase Assistance                            1218

Billing                                                                             1200

Inquiry/Directory Services                                          1217

Complaint/Help on any fault                                      1218

Assistance on all services                                            1218

Corporate Helpline                                                       1260, 111-202020

To Update Directory Inquiry                                       0800-01217

OSS Helpline                                                                  111-282828

Email Contact

PTCL customers can now reach them at [email protected] for any other disputes, miscalculations, and complaints, etc.

PTCL Office Address

The official address of all PTCL offices are given below:-

Corporate Office

Corporate Headquarters, Block-E, G-8/4
Islamabad-44000, Pakistan.

Islamabad Office                            Karachi Office                                      Lahore Office
PTCL F-8 Exchange                           Ground Floor, EVP Office,                    26A Civic Centre
Nazim-Ud-Din Road                         Hatim Alvi Road,                                    Barkat Market,
F-8/1, Islamabad                               Clifton, Karachi.                                     Garden Town, Lahore.
ph:   111 20 20 20                             Ph:   111 20 20 20                                  Ph:  111 20 20 20