LESCO Bill Distribution System

Lahore electric company has its dedicated bill distribution department, which governs the Lesco bill distribution system that works solely on the monthly bill distribution. The Formed teams are responsible for dropping hard bills copies at the home of users. Lesco uses its transport for this vast & challenging operation every month.

Furthermore, the bills are dropped at the main grocery store or the main shop of small and medium-size colonies for further distribution. In this case, the users are already informed that their bills will be available in a certain place. Hence, it is very useful for small colonies.

In case someone didn’t get the bill then they can find it online by visiting It’s a very simple, fast & authentic way to get your bill in time. Furthermore, you can take a print out of the soft copy for your records.

Advantages of LESCO Online Bills

We have found the following major advantages Lesco online bill.

Busy Life

We all know the daily routine of our lives. Currently, we are trying our best to make our lives easier than before. We work in double shifts, day and night to meet the monthly household expenses that include everything including electricity bills. In this era of technology, we have online payment gateways that are being used for online payments, fee submission, fine payments, and online electricity bills.


As discussed earlier that in the current life people have changed their lifestyle. Negligence could happen on their part for receiving and running behind the hard bill copies. Therefore, online electricity and Wapda bills are a good initiative to make tension free payments.

Latest Technology

Today’s world is equipped with the latest technology. We listen to new inventions daily. These new technological developments are improving our lifestyle regularly. Similarly, when we get used to new systems, we don’t want to move on to the old routine. In all these scenarios, the online electricity bill payment system provides us more ease and reliability for making bill payments at ease.

Lesco – Poor Distribution System

To error is human, therefore, sometimes Lesco (Bijli bill) distribution department can’t work effectively due to some technical problems or reasons beyond their control (it happens rarely). Here is a need of to get a duplicate bill copy manner to avoid any financial penalties.

Human Negligence

Sometimes workers (bill distribution department) work dishonestly and don’t distribute bills properly and timely. By doing this the end-user suffers and he has to pay more in the shape of financial penalties/fine imposed by Lesco. These fines are payable if somebody pays the bill after the due date. Again you need an online bill checking site like to get your duplicate copy in time.

How to get the duplicate bill?

Duplicate bill is very simple. Just logon to & enter your reference number & get your duplicate bill copy instantly.

What is the reference number?

A reference number is assigned by any electricity provider like Iesco, Gepco, and Mepco, etc. to know the exact bill. For instance, consider it as an identification number issued by the electricity provider. Each electric meter assigned a certain number, which is also printed on the left side of the bill.

LESCO Consumers

For the identification of Lesco consumers, LESCO provides a customer ID against the CNIC number of every user. Customers can also find his/her electricity bill by using this id at any Lesco office. Moreover, consumers can also view the tariff on their bill. Furthermore, consumers can also clear any dispute in the usage of electricity units by physically visiting any Lesco office with this customer id.

Instead of visiting physically, consumers can also check the Lesco bill online by calling at the Lesco helpline. Additionally, the Lesco bill is accessible by Wapda online bill service department. Similarly, consumers can also hold the old copies of Lesco bills and can clear confusion on the phone with the Lesco department.

WAPDA Electricity Bill

WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) was created by the Govt. of Pakistan in 1958. It was the sole supplier of electricity in the country. Then this company makes a provincial set like LESCO, IESCO, GEPCO, and MEPCO, etc. for better control and monitoring. Previously WAPDA was formerly was under the supervision of different local or regional agencies as a local area electricity distributor. It is also still working with the main aim of better development and utilization of energy resources.

LESCO Formation

As described earlier that LESCO was working (without the name of LESCO) under different agencies but afterward it was formed into LESCO for a better and enhanced working organization that controls the electricity of a main & most populated city of the Punjab province. It suffered a lot in the economic & law & order crisis. But over time it developed itself and start serving efficiently. In the year 1994 WAPDA powers are distributed into 12 different organizations for better electricity distribution to the end-user and LESCO was one of them.

LESCO Coverage:

LESCO covers the area of the Lahore, Okara, Kasur, and Sheikhupura.

Organizational Set-Up of LESCO

  1. North Lahore Circle                             5 Divisions – 28 Sub Divisions
  2. Eastern Lahore Circle                          4 Divisions – 23 Sub Divisions
  3. South-Eastern LHR Circle                   4 Divisions – 26 Sub Divisions
  4. Central Lahore Circle                           5 Divisions – 31 Sub Divisions
  5. Okara Circle                                          4 Divisions – 23 Sub Divisions
  6. Sheikhupura Circle                              4 Divisions – 18 Sub Divisions
  7. Nankana Circle                                     4 Divisions – 16 Sub Divisions
  8. Kasur Circle                                           5 Divisions – 30 Sub Divisions
  9. G.S.O. Circle                                          3 Divisions
  10. Project Construction Circle                6 Divisions

LESCO Complaint Resolution

As you know that Lesco covers a vast area. Therefore, they also receive tons of complaints every day. So, you may get a delayed response in peak seasons like summer, when everybody consumes more electricity in the shape of fans, room coolers, and AC. Normally they fix the complaints promptly. If you also want to resolve your complaint then call them in the early morning to get your issues resolved. Always carry a copy of your bijli bill or electricity bill for providing a reference number of customer id so that they can reach you.

LESCO Working Hours

Like other corporate offices, Lesco also works for 8 hours a day for 6 days. The emergency squad is on duty all the time. Simple working time is given below:

Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm

Lesco Improvements

Lesco has improved the quality of meters by introducing new digital meters. Now Lesco is replacing the old meters with a new one and the people who are getting new electricity connections are getting new digital meters. These meters are also helpful for Lesco and its consumers because meter readers are equipped with selfie sticks so that they can take a picture of meter reading that comes in the printed form of the bill.

Cashback on Bill Payments

We advise you to pay the Lesco bills online to avail of the cashback. In this way, you are also paying the bills and saving some money. Besides, you can use any other method of bill payment to avoid financial penalties.


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