A lot of people can check the Lesco bill online as the majority of them have internet facilities on their phones. Over time people are relying more and more on the availability of online bills as compared to before. If somebody didn’t receive the Lesco bill hard copy, then they can check it online.


lesco bill online


Lesco is an abbreviation of Lahore Electricity Supply Company. This company is solely responsible for providing and managing electricity in Lahore city. It is also commonly known as Lesco Lahore. Its bills are also known as Lesco bills.


In the current scenario, one can’t ignore the importance of digitalization in any way, so it also applies to check online bills such as the Lesco bill online section. It’s very convenient and provides a fast and accurate result as and when you required it.


The process of checking the Lesco bill online is straightforward. You only need to open the site & on the main page, you will see a button of “Get your bill now” to check the bill & simply, you will get a copy of your invoice after entering your Lesco reference number.

Secondly, browse the site and go to the main menu to see the Online Bill tab. Click here, and you can easily access the bill details by entering your Lesco bill reference number.


After accessing the Lesco duplicate bill, You can download its copy and save it for your record and future needs. It is acceptable at all bill payment counters.


Now you have a copy of the Lesco customer bill in your hand. Deposit bill amount in the following places:-

  1. Commercial banks
  2. Post offices
  3. Easy paisa
  4. JAZZ cash
  5. Omni shops
  6. Nadra E-Sahulat
  7. Online banking portals
  8. Online banking apps etc. (You need to check the bank app about Lesco bill online payment option.)


It is one of the powerful tools provided by Lesco Lahore to get your upcoming bill. Just visit the Lesco bill calculator, and it will ask some fields that vary from domestic, commercial, or industrial, depending on your status. You just need to select the option in which you need to check the estimated amount, and details will be in front of you in a short time.


Besides getting information on your online bills or duplicate copies, new connection details are also available online for your easiness. You don’t need to go physically online to get this information.


Lesco also provides an online application form. You can download it, fill it, and submit in your concerned Lesco area office to apply for a new connection.


People may face different problems related to Lesco online or Lesco bills. It may include service problems or any unexpected issues. You must need the following information:-

  1. The procedure of How to launch a complaint.”
  2. If you are a victim of the wrong billing, then launch an online Lesco complaint to get your issues sorted.
  3. Remember to save the reference number after making an online complaint.


Lesco has a dedicated customer service staff for receiving complaints and suggestions. You can navigate the site and get complete solutions related to Lesco. 


Chief Executive
22/A Queens Road Lahore
Tel: 042-99204820-30, Ext: 100
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lesco.official/


You are more than welcome to leave the feedback here by entering your name, address, phone number, e-mail, and suggestions/feedback. We will be happier with your feedback at the Lesco bill online and put our efforts to deliver the best.


We are going to share some super tips with you to reduce your electricity bills, especially in summers. When summers enter the peak, everybody feels the scorching heat, and it ends up turning on your air conditioner. Here you need to use this cooling facility wisely.

  1. First of all, get your AC service and maintenance.
  2. Check the cooling gas and compressor.
  3. Always keep your AC temperature at 26 degrees.
  4. Use electricity wisely. Check for Lesco peak hours and avoid using the air conditioner at that time.
  5. On your AC for one hour or two, then give a gap of one hour. You can also do this by setting timers.
  6. By giving a gap, you can use AC for 12 hours a day. Otherwise, you can end these 12 hours in just a single night.
  7. Use ceiling fans when AC is off.
  8. Make sure to close the doors so that the cooling can stay inside.
  9. If you have kids, then train them to live inside the room because they don’t know and will make up down, which will affect the room temperature.
  10. Use the best quality curtains that can resist heat from outside and make coolness stay in the room. Best to use are thermal curtains, also known as thermal drapes.
  11. Use heat-reflecting glass in your windows or use double panel glass if you are living in an old house.
  12. Last but not least, be sure that to seal doors and rooms in the case of central cooling and air conditioner, respectively. Check the leaks or minute air passages under doors, around windows, crawlspaces, and attics, etc.


What is the Lesco bill?

Lesco stands for Lahore Electricity Supply Company.  It generates bills for their users and these bills are known as Lesco bill.  Lesco online bill is now easily accessible by simply visiting at lescobillonline.com. Enter your reference number and get your bill in a blink of the eye.

How can I check my electricity bill online Lahore?

The electricity bill in Lahore is being issued by Lesco. A govt. owned organization. Just visit lescobillonline.com and click on the red button for getting the bill. Just enter your reference number and see the bill in real-time. Therefore, for a reference number, you can take the original hard copy of the bill and find the reference number at the top left corner, under the logo.

What is Lesco?

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), a Govt. owned electric distribution company that supplies electricity to the districts of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur in Pakistan.

Why my LESCO electric bill was so high?

The major reason for the high Wapda bill or electricity bill is the use of heavy electric consuming appliances. For instance, AC in summers and too much continuous use of iron for clothes pressing. Similarly, many people forget to turn off the electric devices and appliances after use and they constantly consume electricity that will cause a higher electricity bill or Wapda bills.